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14th Apr 2017

Newcastle’s new 125th anniversary kit is set to be a big hit with supporters

A thing of beauty

Nooruddean Choudry

This is class.

Black and white stripes, what could possibly go wrong? Loads actually. With the aim of constantly reinventing the wheel each season, so as to make the previous year’s shirt obsolete and bamboozle the bootleggers, kit manufacturers of both Juventus and Newcastle United regularly conspire to overcomplicate things and ruin one of the most perfect templates in football.

Image result for worst newcastle home kit

But it looks like PUMA have got it spot on for the latter with next year’s offering – and it was very important that they absolutely nailed it too. That’s because season 2017/18 marks the 125th anniversary of Newcastle East End FC and Newcastle West End FC merging to become the mighty Newcastle United we know today, in 1892. The new kit couldn’t be a dud.

Thankfully it’s not, and it even features a special amended crest to mark the birth of legend. Those kit enthusiasts at Footy Headlines have leaked the new home shirt and badge, and it’s safe to say that the Geordie Nation won’t be disappointed. In fact the only thing that could possibly sully the gorgeous simplicity of the design is a gaudy shirt sponsor…