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05th Nov 2015

NBA player makes unbelievable length-of-court shot…and it didn’t even count (Video)

94 feet and it meant nothing

Kevin Beirne

As far as pointless accomplishments go, this is pretty impressive.

In an NBA game between the Boston Celtics and the Indiana Pacers, Jae Crowder pulled off probably the most ridiculous shot you’ll ever see in a professional game.

Crowder threw the ball 94 feet down court into the opponents’ net straight from an inbound ball at his own baseline.

But because it was an inbound play, the ball was not technically live until someone on court touched the ball.

Crowder’s throw was too sweet, going straight in with no assistance, which meant it counted for exactly zero points and was technically a violation and so the other team were given the ball.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an incredible feat of athleticism though…

And here it is from a court-side view.