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29th Sep 2016

Nate Diaz launches explosive tirade at Conor McGregor, Eddie Alvarez and Dana White

Never change, Nate

Ben Kiely

It’s safe to say Nate Diaz isn’t looking forward to UFC 205 at all.

The Stockton native has yet to book a fight after losing a close-fought decision to Conor McGregor in that war for the ages known as UFC 202’s main event.

Unless you’ve been residing in some sort of rock dwelling for the past couple of days, you’ll be well aware of the fact that the Notorious has another fight already lined up – a legitimate champion vs champion superfight against Eddie Alvarez topping the bill of the promotion’s first ever New York-based event.

McGregor will have a chance to make history by becoming the first fighter to simultaneously hold two UFC belts in separate divisions in the world’s largest MMA organisation, albeit for a very short time. He’ll also make a serious amount of money doing it. In other words, the Mac Life is pretty good right now.

If you thought Diaz was happy for Ido Portal’s touch-butt prodigy though, you’d be dead wrong.

Diaz has spoken to Ariel Helwani about UFC 205’s headliners and well, he had a lot of expletives for both of them right from the get-go.

“Fuck them both. You know both those little bitches are afraid to fight me. That’s why they are fighting each other.”

He’s not too happy with Dana White either. He feels that the UFC president perpetuated the idea that Diaz outweighed the Notorious by a crazy amount when they fought for the second time, something which he maintains is not true.

“And tell Dana I said get off Conor’s nuts. I left my room to that fight at 176 (pounds), so when I fought I was probably 173. Quit telling people I was a monster to make him look good. I’ve been a lightweight my whole career.”

As for Eddie… you already know he didn’t have a god word to say about him either. Diaz claims that the lightweight champion has been ducking him for a while, but once he saw how big of a draw he had become he sang a completely different tune.

“Eddie said I was next after Gilbert, then I called him a bitch in the lobby and he turned the fight down repeatedly until I beat Conor, Then he called every day asking for the fight. Bitch. What kinda fighters are these guys?”

Classic American ninja.