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14th Jan 2016

MMA legend retracts claim that Conor McGregor’s win over Chad Mendes was fixed

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Darragh Murphy

The legal pressure has finally paid off.

It’s taken a while but former UFC middleweight and light heavyweight fighter Wanderlei Silva has withdrawn his claims that some fights in the UFC had been fixed and that he had proof.

Silva took to social media in July to accuse his former employer of putting on WWE-style fights.

The claim came the night after Conor McGregor had beaten Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight title at UFC 189, with some conspiracy theorists believing that the referee ended the fight suspiciously early.

The next month, the Pride legend claimed that he had evidence that bouts were being fixed by the promotion, saying: ‘I’ve made it very clear to you all that I will never again fight for this promotion, the U.F. Circus. Fixed fights – and I can prove it! I haven’t yet dropped the bomb. I haven’t said everything I know!’

But after a lawsuit was filed against the Brazilian, he’s clearly received legal advice to retract all accusations and apologise, which he did in a Facebook post on Thursday evening.

Silva’s RetractionI Was Wrong, apologize.”In July of last year, I posted a number of comments on Facebook and…

Posted by Wanderlei Silva on Thursday, 14 January 2016