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27th Feb 2021

MMA fighter with Nazi tattoos knocked out in three minutes

Mikhail Turkanov, aka 'The Pitbull', aka the fighter with swastikas all over his chest, was beaten by knockout in just three minutes by Alibeg Rasulov

Reuben Pinder

He took an absolute battering

Sometimes, if you’re watching a sporting event but don’t have a natural allegiance to either side of the contest it can be difficult to decide who to root for.

But when one side is covered in Nazi tattoos, that makes it a bit easier.

Mikhail Turkanov, aka The Pitbull, aka the Russian fighter with swastikas all over his body, recently took a pummelling at an AMC Fight Nights event in Sochi, Russia. It makes for great viewing, even for those who don’t take a keen interest in combat sports.

His opponent, Alibeg Rasulov, wrapped up the welterweight contest within three minutes, dominating the fight from start to finish.

Relentless punches to the head forced the referee to call time after just three minutes and four seconds.

You can watch the fight below.

AMC Fight Nights came under a lot of criticism for allowing Turkanov to take part, with one Twitter user saying it was a “Very bad look for FNG (Fight Nights Global) to let a Nazi fight in your promotion.”

And you can’t really argue with that, can you? That’s definitely a swastika. The St Petersburg born fighter also has a ‘Rune’ on his left shoulder, a symbol adopted by the Nazi party to symbolise Aryan heritage.

While he took a battering in his fight, Turkanov has won more than he’s lost. And the fact he is able to compete in mixed martial arts while so openly displaying such an ideology should be of great concern to the sport as a whole.