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22nd Nov 2020

Farcical MLS penalty shootout sees outfield player make heroic save after red card

Having made three subs, Orlando City had their goalkeeper sent off during a penalty shootout, and still managed to emerge victorious

Reuben Pinder

Their goalkeeper was sent off *during* the shoot-out

A farcical penalty shoot-out in an MLS Cup playoff match between Orland City and New York City FC saw a goalkeeper sent off for coming off his line, his replacement forced to depart the field, an outfield player save a penalty and two premature celebrations, before the Florida side were eventually confirmed as the victors.

Orlando first thought they had won the shoot-out when goalkeeper Pedro Gallese appeared to have made the match winning save. However, after a review, the keeper was judged to have come off his line early and not only was the penalty retaken, but Gallese was shown a second yellow card and was sent off during the shoot-out.

Orlando City coach, Oscar Pareja, had celebrated the initial save by running down the touchline José Mourinho style, before running down the touchline and into the dressing room. Another member of his staff had to fetch him and inform him that they had not yet won the game.

On came replacement goalkeeper Brian Rowe, having not considered that he might have a part to play in this shoot-out. But before the penalty could be retaken, the referee marched over to the goal to once again make a baffling interjection. Orlando had used all three substitutes before the shootout and therefore were not permitted to bring on a fourth.

At this point tempers are flaring and everyone is slightly confused.

Rodrigo Schlegel, a centre-back, slips on a the gloves and finally, the penalty is taken legally and is scored by New York’s Valentin Castellanos.

Former Manchester United winger Nani, Orlando’s talisman, then has his penalty saved which sends the shootout to sudden death.

New York’s Gudmundur Thorarinsson then steps up to take the first of the sudden death spot kicks, which is – somehow – saved by defender Schlegel.

Orlando think they’ve won. They haven’t. There are jubilant celebrations, hesitations, more celebrations, and then the video Sky put out ends. But the shootout is tied at 5-5. Orlando score the next penalty to win the shootout and progress to the second round of the playoffs.

You can watch the full shootout here.

Soccer, bloody hell.