NYCFC goalkeeper makes incredible howler 3 years ago

NYCFC goalkeeper makes incredible howler

This is difficult to watch

Being a goalkeeper is no easy gig. Make a mistake, and it almost always results in a goal for the opposition.


Those watching the Major League Soccer contest between New York City FC and Minnesota United on Saturday night were reminded of this point by Sean Johnson, who produced one of the most incredible howlers you'll see all season.

With little over half an hour played and the two sides already sharing four goals at Allianz Field, the ball was played back to the NYCFC 'keeper by one of his teammates.

Under no immediate pressure, Johnson's attempt to control the ball ahead of clearing it downfield went disastrously wrong, diverting the ball into his goal to put Minnesota 3-2 up.


It's quite a watch...

Fortunately for Johnson, he could at least console himself with the fact that the error - as embarrassing as it was - didn't send his side to defeat.


Ismael Tajouri scored his second goal of the game with 25 minutes remaining, enough to salvage a 3-3 draw for NYCFC.