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19th Oct 2018

Michael Carrick recalls Ryan Giggs’ “genius” moment against Martin Kelly

Giggsy always had a trick up his sleeve

Darragh Murphy

Ryan Giggs really knew how to make full-backs’ lives miserable.

For a young defender, there must have been no sight as terrifying as a prime Giggs sprinting towards you with the ball seemingly glued to his toe.

And for a young winger, there is no better example than Giggs on which to model your career.

The Welshman is one of the greatest players in Manchester United history and he even confused some of his own teammates with his brilliance throughout his glittering 24-year career.

Michael Carrick’s newly released autobiography has brought forth some fascinating anecdotes from his time at Old Trafford and one involves the moment that Giggs’ “genius” dawned on him.

During a clash with arch-rivals Liverpool six years ago, Carrick was left scratching his head over Giggs’ refusal to cross the ball into the box after beating Reds defender, Martin Kelly.

But, as always, Giggs had his reasons.

Carrick recalled: “Picture the scene: 0-0 just before half-time at Anfield on 23 September 2012, Giggsy gets the ball and runs down the left wing, targeting Martin Kelly, the 22-year-old playing right back for Liverpool.

“Giggsy turns back, and I’m there, in space, for the pass, it’s made for me, so I scream, ‘Giggsy!’ He turns back again. ‘Giggsy! Yes! Giggsy! Any chance?’ I shout again.

“He keeps turning, short and sharp, chopping again and again, constantly moving the ball, taking Kelly one way and the other, but not passing.

“‘For fuck’s sake, Giggsy!’ Chop, chop, chop, get to the byeline, chop again, and he ends up getting a corner. United fans are going, ‘Fucking cross it.’

“The ref blows for half-time after the corner and as we go to the tunnel, I say, ‘Giggsy?!’ He smiles, gives me a little pat on the back and goes, ‘His thighs will be burning. His legs have gone now.’

“”Fucking hell, so that’s what you’re doing it for.’

“Genius! Giggsy never let Kelly settle.”