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19th Jan 2018

Michael Bisping gets fight offer from only man to hold a victory over Jon Jones

We can file this in the "unlikely" category

Darragh Murphy

Michael Bisping has already turned down one rematch and we somehow can’t see this one taking place either.

Bisping is still hopeful of retiring in London this March but, as the card begins to pad out, he has yet to find an opponent.

A grudge rematch with Vitor Belfort, who also intends to hang up his gloves after his next trip through the Octagon’s doors, had been suggested but Bisping shot that down in no uncertain terms.

“I’m not fighting Vitor Belfort in London,” Bisping said on his podcast, Believe You Me, this week. “I’m not fighting Vitor Belfort in London. I am no fighting Vitor Belfort in London. 100 percent, I’m not fighting him. Zero percent chance.”

Well if Belfort’s off the cards, what chance does Matt Hamill have of a second shot at ‘The Count’?

Hamill hasn’t fought in the UFC in over four years and he’s lost three of his four bouts since but he’s eager to claim vengeance against Bisping following their somewhat controversial contest over a decade ago.

The Brit got his hand raised when he met Hamill in London in 2007, which was Bisping’s final victory at light heavyweight before dropping down to 185lbs, but many fans felt ‘The Hammer’ had done enough to get the win.

UFC fans haven’t thought about Hamill, the first deaf fighter to compete in the Octagon, in several years but will always remember the fact that the wrestling phenomenon holds the only victory over Jon Jones.

Of course that result was mired in controversy as Hamill was being destroyed by Jones, then an up-and-coming 205lber, before a series of illegal elbows landed.

Jones was pulled up on the much maligned 12-6 elbow and referee Steve Mazzagatti decided to disqualify ‘Bones’ and give a battered Hamill the win.

There are any number of reasons why Hamill’s request to fight Bisping at UFC London on March 17 won’t be granted but… it is MMA.

Stranger things have definitely happened.