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07th Mar 2022

Micah Richards fires back at claims he ‘disrespected’ Roy Keane after Manchester derby

Daniel Brown

Keane burst into laughter following Keane’s comments

Micah Richards has dismissed claims that he disrespected Roy Keane after the Manchester derby on Sunday, with fellow pundit Gary Neville laughing off his altercation with the former Manchester City man.

The 33-year-old burst into laughter as Keane delivered a brutal assessment of Manchester United after their embarrasing 4-1 thrashing at the hands of City in the Manchester derby at the weekend.

Keane described United’s display as ‘men against boys’ before claiming that at least five players on the pitch on Sunday should never for the Red Devils again.

During the Irishman’s scathing assessment, Richards could be seen trying to suppress a smirk, before eventually bursting into laughter once Keane had finished speaking.

His reaction was met with some criticism on social media – with several people suggesting that Richards had been ‘disrespectful’ towards Keane as the Irishman spoke passionately about his former club.

However, Richards dismissed the criticism and suggested that the mutual respect between he and his colleagues at Sky Sports is strong.

“Deary deary me! When [Graeme] Souness says to me: “Forget everything you’ve just said” or [Gary] Neville says to me: ‘Stop ranting, you’re not making sense’ I don’t see you saying it’s disrespectful to me so stop this nonsense,” he tweeted.

“It’s really not that deep. We all have respect for each other.”

To which Neville replied: “Thanks Richards”, accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Neville and Richards were embroiled in an argument over Ralf Rangnick’s appointment as United’s interim manager.

While the former Red Devils right-back suggested that United made the right decision to appoint an interim boss, Richards insisted that the German should not have been appointed manager.

This promoted Neville to put his head in his hands, before telling Richards to ‘stop ranting’.

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