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22nd Nov 2018

Mexican wrestler nearly kills opponent with concrete slab

Kyle Picknell

wReStLiNg Is sO fAkE

Not in Mexico pal.

A professional wrestler fighting in the Luche Libre Boom show on Monday shocked the wrestling community after dragging a concrete block out from the backstage area and using it as a weapon during his fight.

Angel o Demonio (Angel or Demon) was fighting Puerto Rican star Cuervo (The Raven) when he made the decision to carry a cinder block into the ring and launch it at his opponent’s head whilst he was looking the other way. It appears that the move was in retaliation to a hard chair shot from Cuervo earlier in the clip.

Cuervo immediately falls to the floor unconscious and you can see a pool of blood begin to form. He is eventually woken up by the referee and ringside physician before being carried away.

It has since transpired that he suffered a potentially life-threatening epidural hematoma (blood clot) and skull fracture due to the incident but is now, thankfully, recovering in intensive care.

The footage is scarcely believable.

A post to the wrestler’s Facebook translates as: “We are fine. We are informed that the operation that the Raven had was a success. The clot was removed and is stable.”

One of the show’s promoters also confirmed the injuries in an announcement: “It was an epidural hematoma and he had a skull fracture. He had surgery to drain the clot. He is out of danger, is in intensive care and is responding satisfactorily.”

After the fight, which took place, at the Lopez Mateos Arena in Tlalnepantla in northern Mexico, Angel o Demonio claimed that he was aiming for his opponent’s back but ‘didn’t have the accuracy’. “I apologise to the entire public because first of all I am a professional,” he added.

You’re a fucking idiot mate.

The wrestler is now under an immediate and indefinite suspension from the Boxing and Wrestling Commission of Mexico.

If he is ever allowed to wrestle again, well, Kurt Angle wants a piece of him.