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11th Nov 2015

Memphis Depay explains the weight he’s gained since joining Manchester United

5 kg in 2 months

Darragh Murphy

The oldest excuse in the book.

We’ve all stood on a scale, seen an unexpectedly high number and written it off as “all muscle.”

And Manchester United winger Memphis Depay is no different, although his is slightly more believable.

The Dutchman has been criticised for putting on a bit of timber since arriving from PSV in the summer but Depay has a perfectly good explanation for the extra pounds.

International Champions Cup 2015 - Manchester United v San Jose Earthquakes

“Since I joined Manchester United I’ve gained five kilos,” he told De Telegraaf.

“And that’s not fat. Only muscle mass. It’s pretty bizarre. It’s also due to the heavy rhythm in England. I now weigh 85 kilos.

“When I stood on the scales first I thought, ‘OK, do you?’ My body is still developing. Now I’m a little heavier. I work a lot on my coordination and starting speed.”