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18th Mar 2020

Meet the youngest football kit designer in the world

Simon Lloyd

Evan likes football

If we are fans of football, most of us will at some point have tried our hand at designing kits when we were children. We’d scribble and colour in, imagining our favourite players wearing our creations.

That was generally as far as it got however, imagining, and eventually – unless we embarked on a career in kit design – it mostly stopped there. For Ethan, a five-year-old Nottingham Forest fan, though, that is not the case.

When he designed a vivid and colourful shirt one day, his father Nick decided to post it on his Twitter account. The response was incredible, and eventually led to a company called Hope and Glory Sportswear actually designing it.

We spoke to Nick and Ethan about his design coming to life, and found out who Ethan’s favourite footballer is, and why.

And if you want to buy Ethan’s kit, proceeds of which will go to charity, you can find it here.