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30th Jul 2019

Meet the man behind the Premier League’s best haircuts

Wayne Farry

Footballers love haircuts

One of the most talked about things in football these days – away from the action on the pitch – is the players’ style and appearance.

While their predecessors often had long, scraggy rock star hair, modern footballers have finely groomed cuts, with not a hair out of place.

Ever wondered who’s behind these cuts? Then may we introduce you to Justin Carr: hairdresser to the Premier League’s biggest stars.

Carr got into cutting hair as a kid and has always had a passion for it. He’s a massive fan of David Beckham’s ever-changing style, but less so about the classic England mullets of the bygone era like Chris Waddle.


An in-demand figure within modern English football, Carr was responsible for the majority of haircuts on the pitch for last season’s Champions League final.

We caught up with him to find out what life is like as a Premier League barber.

Justin Carr is an ambassador for Head & Shoulders – the UK’s #1 shampoo brand and Official Haircare Partner of the England Teams.