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09th Oct 2019

Meet the fans making sure people don’t go hungry

Wayne Farry

Rivalries are very important in football

The tribal lines drawn between supporters of different football teams are powerful. They can lead people to get into arguments with one another, family members to fall out, and total strangers to get into heated conversation.

Sport, however, is just that: sport. Sport is not life or death, and in many ways football fans have a lot more in common than they things which divide them.

One such common denominator is social justice, something which has united football fans for decades, and is rooted in the sport’s history among the working class.

Working under the motto of ‘hunger doesn’t wear club colours’, Fans Supporting Foodbanks is a group set up in 2015 – lead by supporters of rival clubs – with the intention of helping feed those living in poverty.

JOE travelled to Liverpool to speak to members of the group, who discussed why they do what they do, and why football rivalries are put to one side when it comes to issues that are a matter of life and death.