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20th Aug 2016

Max Whitlock’s stunning Rio picture will make anyone with a fear of heights anxious

Don't go trying to recreate this one...

Simon Lloyd

Don’t try this one at home. Just in case you have a Sugarloaf Mountain in your back yard.

Max Whitlock has had quite a week at the Olympics. Having won Team GB’s first ever gymnastics gold for a near flawless floor routine in Rio a few nights ago, he immediately followed it up by winning another gold on the pommel horse.

You’d think that a couple of gold medals would be a decent enough reminder of his trip to Brazil, but Whitlock had other ideas.

As a tweet from the 23-year-old revealed, he wanted to remember his time in Rio with a special picture on top of the city’s iconic Sugarloaf Mountain.

Having already proven that he’s one of the best gymnasts in the world, you’d probably trust Whitlock to grab a hold of a couple of railings and hold his own body in the air for a few seconds, but the fact he decided to do this on top of the 400m-high peak just makes us feel nervous.

Needless to say, we won’t be encouraging anyone to try and recreate such a pose any time soon. Even if you are lucky enough to find yourself in Rio de Janeiro.

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