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23rd Jul 2018

Max Holloway’s team deny stroke rumours

One of the scariest rumours floating about

Ben Kiely

There’s a reason why everyone wants clarity on the health of Max Holloway

Drama, gossip and rumours often fuel the MMA news cycle, but in the case of Max Holloway, it is genuine concern rather than nosiness that has fans trying to figure out what happened to him in the build-up to UFC 226.

‘Blessed’ is back being witty on social media. That’s great to see. An update on his health would put a lot more minds at ease though. Especially considering some of the rumblings that are doing the rounds.

Three days before he was set to defend his belt against Brian Ortega, he was rushed to the emergency room. A statement from his team revealed he was suffering concussion-like symptoms including “flashing vision” and “slurred speech”. The frustration over the lost fight was quickly replaced by worry for Holloway.


According to his team, the hospitalisation was not the result of weight cutting or a concussion suffered in sparring. However, the lack of confirmation led to a lot of speculation.

Dana White suggested water poisoning may have caused the symptoms. Michael Bisping, who was one of the first people to raise concerns about Holloway’s physical appearance, claims the ‘word on the street’ was that the Hawaiian was knocked out in training.

Brendan Schaub’s take on Showtime’s Below the Belt podcast was a little more troubling. The former UFC heavyweight perpetuated a rumour that Holloway suffered a stroke.

“It got so scary where a doctor was like this could be the sign of a small fucking, not heart attack, stroke. That was the last word I got of it.”

The good news is, we can cross a stroke off the list.

Holloway’s manager, Brian Butler, texted Brett Okamoto of ESPN to deny the rumours that Holloway suffered a stroke. He added that Holloway is ‘feeling better’ and should be able to clear up his situation soon.

“All I can say right now is we are not sure who’s trying to manipulate the media with stroke rumors. I can’t imagine what kind of doctors would discharge Max from the ER if they actually thought he had a stroke.”

Get well soon, champ.