Max Holloway reveals what he said to Jose Aldo during their rematch 3 years ago

Max Holloway reveals what he said to Jose Aldo during their rematch

Max Holloway was flapping his gums at Jose Aldo as he beat him to a bloody pulp in Detroit.

It's no secret that undisputed UFC featherweight king Max Holloway really respects Jose Aldo.

After scoring a second successive knockout win over the Brazilian legend, Holloway called Aldo the GOAT, claimed he needs to rack up a lot more title defences to catch up with him and even went as far to say that they should erect statues of Aldo's likeness in the favelas of Brazil.

All this came after Holloway talked to Aldo inside the Octagon during the entirety of their rematch at UFC 218, which prompted the obvious question - if he wasn't trash-talking 'Scarface,' what the hell was he saying to him?

After the first round, in which Aldo had quite a bit of success on the feet, Holloway went over to the booth and told the commentary team that 'the man is tired.' Before that, he was actually complimenting the longest-serving UFC featherweight champion, as he explained on Monday's MMA Hour.

"We were getting ready for two Aldos. We were getting ready for an Aldo that was going to come out and sprint with me really, really fast or the same Aldo that was going to happen the first fight. He actually came out way more slower than I thought he would. He was taking his time.

"In the first round, I was jabbing him. When we exchanged jabs I was like, 'Oh, nice jab!' I even told him, 'Oh you're taking your time! Nice one bro!' He told me, 'Thanks, bro!'

"It was fun! We were talking in there. It was kind of fun. I was having fun. It was a good time, man. I got to share the Octagon with a legend twice. I was living in the moment."

You've got to love 'Blessed'. Only one defence under his belt and he's already proving to be an amazing champion.