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05th Jun 2018

Matt Serra’s reaction to Dana White’s shameless shirtless photo was absolutely priceless

The UFC president is ripped

Ben Kiely

That Dana White shirtless Instagram post got a strong reaction from Matt Serra.

The other day, Dana White uploaded a photo of himself to Instagram. While he claims the purpose of the post was to embarrass his buddy on his birthday, it felt like a thinly-veiled excuse to show his impressive physique off to the world.

The UFC president is jacked. Not even just for a 48-year-old.

White called into the UFC Unfiltered podcast the day after the pic went up. Unsurprisingly, friend, internet show co-host and former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra felt obliged to bring up the post. He was sceptical.

“I’ve seen your Instagram. First of all, if you go and you look at the likes, I didn’t like it. I wanted to fucking unlike it because I’m jealous. You’ve got a lot of money, was that real, that picture? Did they take your body from the UFC game and put your fucking head on it? WHAT THE FUCK!”

White denied the accusations that the image was edited to make him look more shredded. He then informed Serra to prepare, because he too would have to bear his torso to the world soon.

“Of course I didn’t photoshop the picture. Yeah, you better be ready, Matt Serra. In two weeks, we’re doing Lookin’ For A Fight down in Memphis, Tennessee and we’ve got to take our shirts off there.”

The fear suddenly became very audible in Serra’s voice.

“Don’t say that to me. Don’t joke around. Are you fucking around though? Our shirts off in Memphis! We have the picture up in the studio, Jimmy doesn’t believe that’s real… Look at Dana. Dana, what the hell, man. I want a piss-test from you!”

Well, White doesn’t have to worry about USADA knocking on his door at the crack of dawn.