Martin Tyler has revealed which team he supports 9 months ago

Martin Tyler has revealed which team he supports

"I'm probably the only commentator to not have a Premier League club."

Some Liverpool fans have long felt that Martin Tyler is a Manchester United supporter, or is at least "biased" against their club.

This view seems to stem from Tyler's commentary on Anthony Martial's goal for United against Liverpool in September 2015. The French forward, on his debut for the club, scored into the Stretford End to make it 3-1 to the home side and Tyler responded with some very excited commentary on Sky Sports' coverage of the match.

Two minutes earlier, Christian Benteke scored an acrobatic bicycle-kick, and Tyler's response on commentary wasn't quite as animated.

Tyler's commentary on Liverpool's 4-0 win over Bournemouth in December, and on last week's FA Cup Merseyside derby tie, also drew criticism from some Liverpool fans on Twitter, who felt that the veteran broadcaster was rather muted in describing the action.

His reaction to Virgil van Dijk's winning goal against Everton, in particular, didn't go down well with some Liverpool supporters on social media.

Tyler was inevitably asked about the social media theory that he's somehow "biased" against Liverpool, and in fact supports United, during a recent interview, and he disputed both views. The Sky Sports commentator, who is also a coach with National League South side Hampton & Richmond Borough, revealed that the only team he supports is Woking, who currently play in the National League, the fifth tier of English football.


Tyler said that, unlike most commentators covering the Premier League, he doesn't have an allegiance to any team in the division.

"I don't do social media and this is one of the reasons why," he told The Mirror.

"They all think I support somebody. I support Woking and I am quite happy to say that. I first went to Woking when I was eight years old and it was the first football I had ever seen, I’m still in touch with the club although I coach at a level just below them so it's difficult to see them too much now. They’ve always been my team.

"This thing where you have to have a Premier League team is garbage. It's the accident of birth. It's the one thing that irks me when people say you must have a Premier League team, I absolutely, categorically don’t. How can I be a Man United fan when I've got excited about Aguero? All I do is react to the game. It's a great bonus to not have a Premier League team. I'm probably the only commentator to not have a Premier League club."

Tyler, who has been Sky Sports' main football commentator since the launch of the Premier League in 1992, also said that Liverpool's famous 4-3 win over Newcastle United in April 1996 was the best match he commentated on during his career.

"That had everything you want from a football match, great players, a great contest in just a wonderful setting," he said.