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30th Jun 2016

Martin Skrtel reveals his true feelings towards Jurgen Klopp on Instagram

Not a fan


At this stage it would be very surprising if Martin Skrtel is still playing his football at Anfield next season.

The Liverpool defender has been heavily linked with a move to Turkish side Fenerbahce, and it could be a case of the sooner he leaves Anfield, the better it will be for everyone concerned.

Empire of the Kop are reporting that the Slovakian defender insulted Jurgen Klopp on one of his friends’ Instagram posts which contained a slew of hashtags aimed at the Reds boss.

The post has since been deleted from the user’s account but not before it was inevitably screenshotted.

Martin Skrtel Instagram Jurgen Klopp

According to the report, the hashtag #KloppJeKKT is short for KloppJeKokot. Kokot is slang for “dick” or “dickhead” and together, well you can probably work out what the rest of it means.

Skrtel replied to the post, claiming “last hashtag is TOP” with a load of emojis thrown in for good measure just to hammer home the point that he isn’t his biggest fan.

His friend says: “Hope Jurgen won’t see it.” to which Skrtel responds: “Hope he does!”, which kind of begs the question – why did he delete it then?

Either way, it seems that Skrtel’s days at Anfield are numbered.