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13th Mar 2018

Marouane Fellaini’s new hairstyle is getting a brutal response from fans

James Dawson

What is he thinking with this one?

It seems as though Marouane Fellaini is intent on remaining a figure of fun for as long as he remains in English football.

The Manchester United midfielder is set to feature in GQ Style and as part of his appearance in the magazine he’s decided to get himself a new barnet.

He posted an image of the new haircut to Instagram earlier today.

Or, from the front…

I mean, there are a few comparisons you can make here.

My initial thought was Princess Leia, although he also looks a lot like the woman who plays the baddie in Dodgeball. Lady of Rage is another shout.

The point is, it’s a very out there choice for a footballer regularly criticised as being too physical on the pitch.

And as you can image, the new looks has received a pretty brutal response from fans.