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18th Jun 2018

Everyone has been absolutely slating Mark Lawrenson’s World Cup commentary

Thank god for the mute button

Kyle Picknell

World Cups are a beautiful thing. Mark Lawrenson’s commentary is anything but.

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that Mark Lawrenson, and Mark Lawrenson’s voice like someone chewing cardboard, and Mark Lawrenson’s statements and opinions, like someone who thinks cardboard is edible, are bad. Really bad.

It’s not quite bad enough to ruin the World Cup because thankfully nothing ever is, not even if the mass Vuvuzela-ing in South Africa came exceptionally close.

As you’d expect, every time hapless Lawro steps up the mic he gets his fair share of criticism on the old scoial media platforms as thousands upon thousands of football fans are forced to sit through his endless diatribe of Tesco’s Value range miserablism and just simply not knowing who players are,  how they play, or even what VAR is.

Here are a collection of #Lawrenson tweets from all the people venting their frustrations, including this very author, who had to stick up for my boy Benjamin Pavard after Lawro’s endless, heartless and baseless criticism.