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04th Oct 2016

Mario Balotelli opens up about his (non-)relationship with Jürgen Klopp

Short and sweet and to the point...

Robert Redmond

Jürgen Klopp is approaching a year as manager of Liverpool, and it’s fair to say he’s made quite an impact.

The German has overhauled the squad and revolutionised the team’s style of play to the extent that the last 12 months of Brendan Rodgers’ tenure now seem like a distant memory.

Watching Sadio Mané, Adam Lallana and Roberto Firmino frantically press the opposition also makes it hard to imagine a time when Mario Balotelli was lumbering around the Liverpool frontline.

The Italian striker is now at Nice, and has started well for the French club after arriving on a free transfer. He doesn’t have fond memories of his time at Liverpool though, where he scored just one league goal in his single season at Anfield, and had little time for his managers.

“Joining Liverpool was the worst decision of my life,” Balotelli told French TV.

“Apart from the fantastic fans and some player with whom I have an excellent relationship, I did not like the club. I had two coaches at Liverpool, Rodgers and Klopp for a bit, I did not like their methods and their personality. I never really felt well there.”

Balotelli has expanded on the nature of his relationship with Klopp, or rather his lack of a relationship with the Liverpool manager. According to Balotelli, Klopp kept his one and only conversation with the striker short and sweet and to the point, telling him he should leave the club.

“Klopp doesn’t know me, I spoke to him once, he told me to go somewhere else, work hard and then return,” Balotelli told Sky Italia.

“So I said goodbye to them, and that we wouldn’t be seeing each other again.”

Balotelli has scored five goals in six games for Nice, but admitted the decision to sign for the club was largely due to the weather in the south of France.

“At the start, I chose Nice for the climate, I wanted to be in a relaxing but beautiful place, where it’s difficult to get out the wrong side of the bed. The other reason I chose Nice is because there’s a decent group of young players. We’re all about the same age.”

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