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18th Apr 2016

Mario Balotelli finally explains why his time at Liverpool was such an unmitigated disaster

Mikey Stafford

This is the classic chicken and the egg scenario.

Was Mario Balotelli unhappy at Liverpool because he was playing like a drain, or was Mario Balotelli playing like a drain because he was unhappy?

Unsurprisingly the Italian enigma is suggesting it was the latter.

The 25-year-old has been on loan at AC Milan since August, scoring three goals in 19 appearances for the Rossoneri. He has in no uncertain terms expressed his desire to make the move permanent at the end of the season, when he is available to the Italian giants at a cut price £5m.

“What I want is certainly to stay at Milan,” Balotelli told Mediaset Premium. “I was not happy at Liverpool and I don’t want to go back there.”

Not sure how many fans want you back either, Mario, after one goal and a showreel of half-arsed, moody performances.

Since he stropped off to Milan, Brendan Rodgers has been replaced as Liverpool manager by Jurgen Klopp. When one conjures up the image of the ideal Klopp player the exact opposite of Balotelli comes to the mind.

“I’ve been doing well in my last two games and there are another six for me to prove myself,” said a striker who has scored three goals in 19 appearances.”I feel in good shape physically at last and am relaxed.”

He added, for a laugh: “Besides, Milan have the money!”

Maybe Milan have the money because they sell strikers to clubs like Liverpool for £15m and buy them back for £5m.