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26th Jul 2016

Mario Balotelli crashed a wedding on Merseyside over the weekend

Marry-o Balotelli.

Tom Victor

What’s your favourite Mario Balotelli story?

Is it the time he forced a bully to apologise to his victim and refused to leave until they’d shaken hands? How about the time he let off fireworks from inside his house, causing thousands of pounds of damage? Or perhaps it was when he was asked by police about the £25,000 in cash in his car and explained it was there “because I’m rich”.

There tends to be a sliding scale of truth as far as stories like this are concerned, but Balotelli’s latest adventure definitely happened – there’s photo evidence and everything.

The out-of-favour Liverpool forward was minding his own business in Southport when a couple of Reds fans spotted him and got a quick photo. Oh yeah, we should probably mention that the couple in question were getting married at the time.

Wedding photographer Adam Johns was the brave soul who asked Balotelli to pose with newlyweds Vicky and David O’Leary, according to the Liverpool Echo.

“The couple said he was really nice and friendly, and more than happy to have photos taken with them, which made their day with them being such big Reds fans,” Johns told the paper.

We’ve been unable to confirm whether Balotelli is also available for birthdays, funerals and bar mitzvahs, but the Italian is unlikely to be busy with Liverpool matches any time soon.

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