Maradona's final birthday wish was to score against England, with his other hand 1 year ago

Maradona's final birthday wish was to score against England, with his other hand

His sense of humour never waned

Diego Maradona will live long in the memory of every football fan all over the world. His legacy is a complex one. Substance abuse issues plagued his adult life, making his slow, but sudden death all the more tragic.


He will be remembered for his footballing genius, but also his unwavering self belief, infectious charisma, and for a sense of humour that never waned.

In his last ever interview, given to France Football magazine, that sense of humour was still vibrant as ever, as he quipped about his famous Hand of God goal against England in the 1986 World Cup.

Just ahead of his 60th birthday, Maradona was asked what his birthday wish was.

He responded: "I dream of being able to score another goal against the English, with the right hand this time!" before bursting into laughter.

Maradona can also be seen joking about the infamous goal with Gary Lineker, who was on the opposing side that day in Mexico.


That goal, when he leapt above England goalkeeper Peter Shilton, has made him something of a super villain in England, but it also adds to the legend of a flawed genius.

On the flip side of Maradona's unapologetically confidence was a genuine humility and affinity with the people.

Asked what it means to him to be so idolised among players of today, many of whom are too young to have seen him play live, he said: "I am very honoured by all the great players who speak about me with such love. I have excellent relationships with all these players who have spoken about my career. An immense mutual respect exists between us and for me it was a real pleasure to be able to speak to France Football for my 60th birthday."

Rest in peace, Diego.