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06th Nov 2016

Floyd Mayweather sparks Pacquiao rematch talk after watching his old foe in action

It couldn't happen...could it?

Tom Victor

We’ll believe this one when it’s signed and sealed, but not a moment sooner.

Some 18 months after Floyd Mayweather won the ‘Fight of the Century’ against Manny Pacquiao, people are starting to make some noise about a rematch.

What has prompted this? Mayweather, who doesn’t tend to watch other fighters in action all that frequently, was in attendance for Pacquiao’s comeback victory over Jessie Vargas.

The official line is that ‘Money’ was taking his daughter along to watch the bout, in which the newly-unretired Pacquiao won by unanimous decision to claim the WBO welterweight title.

But when the two greats find themselves in the same room, people are bound to start speculating. Especially given that – when quizzed about a potential rematch – the Filipino veteran gave the deliberately noncommital answer of “We’ll see”.

Indeed, as ESPN have pointed out, Mayweather isn’t the type to come along to a fight just as a fan.

Who knows, maybe the story about wanting to take his daughter to a fight is true, but we’ll have to wait and see.

There has been talk of Pacquiao facing off against Gennady Golovkin, with that particular rumour dating back to before the masterclass against Vargas, but surely Mayweather v Pacquiao 2 would be too tough to turn down if it does present itself.

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