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07th Oct 2017

Manchester United fans are loving an old interview Kenny Dalglish gave during his Celtic days

Liverpool fans look away now



There could be no more fitting a tribute to Kenny Dalglish than for the stand named in his honour at Anfield to be officially unveiled on the day Manchester United come to visit.

In many ways, the immense rivalry between the northern superpowers helps define them as the two most celebrated and glamorous clubs in English football history.

So it’s apt that Liverpool host United next weekend – on the day they unveil their newly monikered Kenny Dalglish Stand (formerly the Centenary Stand).

A host of celebratory activities are planned, but United fans have got their digs in early after unearthing a old interview that shows where Dalglish’s allegiances used to lie.

A Shoot interview from the days when the former Liverpool player/manager was still at Celtic is unspectacular enough. We learn that young Kenny loves listening to Dean Martin and enjoys home-made soup.

When asked to name his favourite player, the talented Glaswegian names Old Trafford legend Denis Law. That’s understandable enough, seeing as the Lawman was a hero to Scots of all colours.

But when asked to name his favourite club – other than his current employees at Celtic Park – rather than state the Merseyside club where he’d become an all-time legend, Dalglish proudly answers none other than Manchester United.

As you can see below, the confession is music to the ears of United fans looking to rib their Scouse counterparts ahead of the big game next Saturday…