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18th Jul 2016

Manchester United drop huge hint that they’re not targeting first place

We've seen the hidden message

Tom Victor

Manchester United have been out of contention for the Premier League title for a couple of years now, but even we didn’t expect things to get so extreme so quickly.

Jose Mourinho was meant to restore Ferguson-era glory to Old Trafford, but the club don’t seem ready to put the pressure on their new manager right away?

How do we know? Well we’ve done some digging and found a hidden message in the club’s recent trailer for its 2016/17 kit launch.

Sure, the more cynical among you might claim ‘First Never Follows’ is a mere marketing tagline, but that’s clearly what they want us to think.

But what if it wasn’t that. What if, instead, it was a not-so-subtle hint at the club’s plans for the upcoming season?

If first really never follows, then how do they explain this?

We look forward to United struggling their way to 94th place in the Premier League this season (you say such a thing doesn’t exist, we say it doesn’t exist yet), and Mourinho – Derren Brown-style – taking us back to this screenshot and explaining how this was his plan all along.

Any fan who complains about a miserable season will be taken into an empty room (don’t all make Etihad jokes all at once, you guys) and sat in front of a television. Mourinho will appear, cloaked in black, and show them that all the clues were there, but they just weren’t paying attention.

Sorry Jose, you’ve been rumbled.