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28th Apr 2019

Manchester United fans at Old Trafford ‘cheered’ City’s goal against Burnley

Wayne Farry

manchester united

How times change

It’s not long ago that Manchester City were little more than a tiny figure in the rear view mirror of their rivals Manchester United.

United were successful, City were merely an annoyance, occasionally drawing with or beating United but generally remaining well away from the serious business at the end of the season.

For the most part, in the 1990s especially, the same could be said for Liverpool, United’s other bitter rivals.

Fast forward a little bit and we are now living in a world that would have seemed like some cruel alternate universe to United fans a decade ago, with fans of Solskjaer’s team left with a strange situation.

Both City and Liverpool are going for the title, with both sides way ahead of the Red Devils in the table, and United supporters are having to decide who they would rather see win the title: their city rivals or the club that Alex Ferguson so gleefully knocked off their perch?

Well, if reports from Old Trafford are anything to go by, the club’s fans have already decided that they’re plumping for City in the title race. Pep Guardiola’s side were facing Burnley at Turf Moor on Sunday afternoon before United’s home match with Chelsea, and journalist Daniel Storey reported that City’s winning goal – from Sergio Aguero – was in fact greeted with cheers by fans already in the stadium.

Great to see them finally have something to cheer this season.