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27th Apr 2017

Manchester derby produces flags that were the butt of every joke


Ben Kiely

These colours don’t run… actually, maybe don’t put it through the washing machine.

Whenever the Manchester derby rolls into town, things get a bit silly.

The obligatory fake quotes do the rounds and Twitter is awash with fans from both the red and blue part of the city taking digs at each other over absolutely anything.

In the Premier League clash at the Etihad Stadium on Thursday night, it was the unsightly flags from the City fans that proved to be the butt of all the jokes in the early stages of the game. One quick glance at them and you’ll understand why.

Blindingly fluorescent, minimal and messy design… it’s like they were going out of their way to ensure that they were the butt of every joke on Twitter.

If that was their aim, mission accomplished.