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22nd Jul 2018

Manchester City have sent bags of confetti to season ticket holders ahead of the new season

Wayne Farry

Manchester City

This move by Manchester City has gone down about as well as you imagine

The first game of an upcoming season is always a moment for excitement. Supporters get to watch their team play with its new signings, as well as seeing familiar faces return from their summer break.

In fact, it’s the sort of day that, generally, one would assume provokes natural and involuntary excitement in supporters, and certainly isn’t an occasion for which supporters need overt encouragement.

It is perhaps for this reason that the news that Manchester City have sent season ticket holders bags of confetti to throw ahead of the champions’ first game of the season has been greeted with such confusion.

The bag of confetti comes adorned with the message, “At our first home match, bring your scarf and throw this confetti in the air when the Champions walk out”.

It is part of a pack sent to season ticket holders ahead of the beginning of the 2018/19 season, which features said scarf and a season ticket, as well as some more club material.

While clubs encouraging fans to create an atmosphere is nothing new – Leicester City famously laid of clappers for supporters in the past – it is perhaps the direct instructions which have prompted an unsurprising response from mostly rival fans.

Most fans know what to do with confetti, and the move by the club has been, well let’s just say, poorly received.