Man Utd's defensive stats are the worst in the Premier League 2 months ago

Man Utd's defensive stats are the worst in the Premier League

It really is as bad as it looks

For quite a while now, Manchester United's defensive ability has been questioned, but now there is genuine proof to show just how bad they are at defending.


According to Utd Report, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side have the worst stats in the league and at the time of writing it shows as they are being battered by rivals Liverpool 4-0 at half-time.

They concede far too easily and that is shown by the fact they hold they are 18th in the standings for clean sheets, despite have David De Gea in-between the sticks - someone who in the past has been renowned for his shot-stopping abilities.

Meanwhile, for tackles and errors leading to shots they are unsurprisingly bottom of the table. Even so, I can imagine a good percentage of those tackles made solely belong to Aaron Wan-Bissaka.

And then the errors leading to shots. We could be here all day talking about these. In the Liverpool game alone on Sunday afternoon there's been some kamikaze defending at times.


Not even an elite centre-back pairing of Raphael Varane (or in the last few game's case Victor Lindelof) and Harry Maguire can help with the latter a big problem in the last few Premier League games.

For all of their attacking prowess on the pitch, big-star names are not helping at all - especially at the back.

This is a side that before the start of the season were talked about being a frontrunner for the title. They couldn't look further from that at present and stats like that are damning evidence of just how far Solskjaer's side are.

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