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21st Jul 2018

Man City and Wembley Stadium embroiled in spat over Liam Gallagher tweet

What world are we living in?

Wayne Farry


Here we go

There are certain occurrences in life which make you question what has become of this world. Whether it’s seeing something as odd as Elon Musk calling a heroic man a “pedo” just days after the man saved children from a Thai cave or a giant black sarcophagus being found in Egypt, some things make us question what on earth is going on around us.

Another one of those occurrences happened on Friday when Manchester City, a football club, got engaged in a strange little Twitter dispute with Wembley Stadium, a stadium.

The spat, as it will be henceforth known, was started after a tweet from former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher.

In the tweet, Gallagher sent a message to his brother Noel referring to “gigs where people can’t drink alcohol”, before suggesting that the two get the band back together again.

Now, in an ordinary world this would’ve been the interesting part of the story, but we don’t live in an ordinary world.

Instead, we live in a very strange place, where the next logical step was for Manchester City and Wembley Stadium to become embroiled in an online beef over whether Wembley or Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium would be a more suitable venue for a potential Oasis reunion gig.

The spat? It was a doozy and involved Wembley Stadium asking Manchester City about the capacity of their stadium, before the Citizens struck back with a question on Wembley ticket prices.

Wembley then hit the winning shot with some good old banter about the size of the crowds at the Etihad. Very good banter indeed.