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07th Oct 2020

Man City loses 7 million followers after Twitter account is disabled

Wayne Farry

Quite the purge over at the Man City Twitter account

There was widespread confusion on Wednesday morning after it emerged that Manchester City’s official Twitter account (@ManCity) had mysteriously disappeared.

You could still search for it, but when you clicked on the link you’d be brought to a page which simply said ‘This account doesn’t exist’. It was very strange and Twitter didn’t really know what to make of it all.

Many people speculated on the reasoning behind the apparent suspension, with reports emerging that there had been no hack on the account by outside parties.

By lunchtime the account was back up and running and the City admin was deploying gifs in a bid to return to normality, or whatever the nearest thing to normality is on Twitter. Lol, cats.

Interestingly, though, the City account returned with nearly 7 million fewer followers than it had at the time of being disabled, going from 8.5 million followers to 1.6m.

Within half an hour, City had doubled that number to 3.8 million, which we all must admit is extremely impressive growth. Check back in on the account later today to see how close they get back to that magic 8.5m number.