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18th Jul 2016

Mamadou Sakho offers to sign fans’ shirts after changing squad number

One of the good guys

Tom Victor

Mamadou Sakho is one of the good guys.

The Liverpool defender has worn the number 17 shirt since joining Liverpool in 2013, and fans of the Frenchman may have assumed he’d keep the same number going into the new campaign.

But Sakho wore 3 during his time at Paris Saint-Germain, and jumped at the chance to reclaim it as soon as it became available.

The last Liverpool player to wear that number? Why it was Jose Enrique, of course. (Yes, he was still at the club last season.)

Sakho knew you’d forgotten about old Jose too, so he’s promised to do something special for anyone who’s already bought a ‘Sakho 17’ Liverpool shirt for next season – he’s going to personally sign them for any fan who wants a rare piece of club memorabilia.

Liverpool have encouraged fans with ‘Sakho 17’ shirts to send them to the club – along with a stamped self-addressed envelope – in order to get them back with the centre-back’s signature.

As gestures go, it’s up there with the time former Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner offered to refund all fans who had bought a shirt with his name and (original) number after switching from the number 26 shirt to the number 52. Except, you know, the number of fans affected by Sakho’s move might be in double-figures.