Luis Figo is still putting everyone else to shame with his abs 5 years ago

Luis Figo is still putting everyone else to shame with his abs

Not only was Luis Figo one of the most gifted football players of his generation, he was clearly a man with balls of steel.

Not only did he move from Barcelona to El Clasico rivals Real Madrid, he didn't mind taking the corners (and being pelted by a number of missiles in the process) when he returned to the Nou Camp later that year.


Luis Figo of Real Madrid is bombarded by missiles

Figo went on to spend five years in the Spanish capital, playing alongside the likes of David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo (the old, Brazilian one). When he left, he spent a further four years plying his trade in Italy with Inter Milan before he eventually called time on his career in 2009.

A good seven years on from his retirement, it's safe to say that Luis - now 43 - is still in pretty good nick. Along with his already-mentioned balls of steels, it seems the former Galactico's abs are made from a similar material.


Beach time ☀️?

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For those of us that were at school when he was in his Real Madrid pomp, it's staggering to see that Figo is still in such ridiculously good shape nearly two decades on from his controversial switch between Spain's big two.

Let this be your new gym motivation.


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