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26th Aug 2015

Louis van Gaal’s face of thunder at Chicharito’s penalty miss (Video)

He is not amused...

Nooruddean Choudry

Your side is 4-0 up away from home in a Champions League qualifier. You’re cruising 7-1 on aggregate. The result is in the bag.

You bring on a striker for the dying embers of the game and your side win a penalty. The substitute forward slips whilst taking the spot-kick and smacks the ball wide. No biggie, surely? You’d laugh it off, wouldn’t you?

Not Louis van Gaal. When Javier Hernandez fluffed his lines on a greasy surface, the camera immediately panned to the big Dutchman, no doubt expecting a wry smirk.

There was no chuckle; no shrug of his shoulders. Only a humourless look of pure disdain to his number two Ryan Giggs, who had nothing to add.

If looks could kill, Chicharito would be a mushy pea right now…