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25th Apr 2016

Louis van Gaal makes a very, very valid point regarding his performance with Manchester United this season

Would you keep him?


Louis van Gaal, the spinmaster.

Say what you will about the Manchester United boss, but he’s on the cusp of delivering the club their first piece of silverware since the Fergie era and he’s hunting down Arsenal for yet another top four finish.

It isn’t where United fans want to be, though. It isn’t where they should be.

The manager agrees. And the Dutch man took great pleasure in reminding everyone of the situation before injury ravaged his squad – and, boy, it did.

Before then? United were sitting pretty.


“When everybody was fit, we were first in the league at that time,” van Gaal is quoted as saying in the Mirror. “Then when we had 14 injuries, or the double injuries on the full-back positions, I could not solve that problem

“But still we are here, still we are fighting for the fourth place, also we are in the final of the FA Cup. We have played in three competitions. I think we are the team who have played the most matches in this season. We’ve done it with a small group with 14 injuries.”

If United qualify for the Champions League and win the FA Cup, would you keep Louis van Gaal?