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12th May 2019

Liverpool steward recreates Trent Alexander-Arnold’s corner in hilarious fashion

Wayne Farry


Decent speed for a steward

There are some moments in football that once they occur they are replicated the world over for years to come. One was undoubtedly Paul Gascoigne’s solo goal against Scotland at Euro 96, so was Roberto Carlos’ ludicrous free-kick against France in the 1997 Tournoi de France.

They are moments that beg to be attempted, to be copied, and they are moments which make young kids feel as close to footballers as they’re ever likely to be.

A more recent example of this kind of moment is Trent Alexander-Arnold’s quick corner for Liverpool against Barcelona in the Champions League semi-final last week.

You’ve probably seen it already at this stage, so all I will say is that it had all the hallmarks of an instance in football that will be attempted by Liverpool fans for years to come.

The speed – both of body and mind – to do what he did was incredible, as was the outcome.

In fact, it was so incredible that it appears that even Liverpool’s stewards are getting in on the act of recreating it.

Video, posted by Anfield HQ on Twitter ahead of Liverpool’s final league game of the season against Wolverhampton Wanderers, shows a steward walking along the touchline near the corner flag.

All looks normal until the gentleman appears to walk away before making a quick turn back and swinging his foot towards an imaginary ball. Obviously, there was no ball so nothing happened, but it was a lovely moment nonetheless.