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19th Jan 2016

Liverpool legend feels Jurgen Klopp is hiding the truth of Daniel Sturridge’s fitness woes

The truth hurts

Kevin McGillicuddy

Jurgen Klopp must be as frustrated as any Liverpool fan over Daniel Sturridge.

The England striker looks like he he is going to miss most of this season once again after repeated injury breakdowns during the current campaign.

The former Manchester City man has not featured for the club since the loss to Newcastle before Christmas, and it seems Klopp has given up even explaining what exactly is wrong with the striker nowadays.

Sturridge seems to be a lost cause, with much of the stemming from a lack of obvious information on what exactly is keeping the striker off the field for so long.

And one former Liverpool midfielder has had enough of spinning Sturridge’s fitness woes for the media.

Did Hamann has told Talksport that a little bit of honesty around Sturridge’s ongoing fitness issues would go a long way to easing fans growing sense of desperation.

“The club has got a responsibility to tell the paying public what is wrong with him. If he has got a hamstring injury, an ankle injury, or whatever he may have, the people who pay for a season ticket have got a right to know what is wrong with him.

“If there is nothing wrong with him, it is more important to be honest and truthful with the paying public than to protect a player who has hardly played in the last 18 months, who seems to choose when he wants to play.”

Hamann was at Manchester City when Sturridge was part of the squad at Eastlands, and the former Newcastle midfielder feels that the England man’s health issues are more mental than physical.

“There was always something wrong with him on the Thursday or the Friday. His back, his hamstring, there was always something.

“If you look at his record since he has played professional football he probably doesn’t average half the games a season – and it has got worse at Liverpool. I am not saying he is pretending to be injured, I’m not sure. But if he is injured, say it. Nobody knows what is going on with him.”