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14th Apr 2021

Liverpool issue apology for damage caused to Real Madrid team bus

Liverpool have vowed to work with Merseyside police to find the perpetrators after Real Madrid's team bus was attacked on its way into Anfield

Reuben Pinder

Liverpool have vowed to work with the police to find the perpetrators

Liverpool have issued a statement apologising for the behaviour of “a few individuals” after Real Madrid’s team bus was attacked as it arrived at Anfield on Wednesday evening.

The bus was hit by missiles of some sort – some reports claim stones, others bottles – and a window was broken.

After video footage was posted to social media showing the damage done, Liverpool were quick to issue a full and frank apology, vowing to work with the authorities to identify the perpetrators.

The statement read:

“We condemn unequivocally the actions that led to Real Madrid’s team bus being damaged during its arrival to Anfield this evening. It is totally unacceptable and shameful behaviour of a few individuals. We sincerely apologise to our visitors for any distress caused. We will work together with Merseyside Police to establish the facts and identify those responsible.”