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22nd May 2022

Liverpool fans convinced that Aston Villa had levelled at Man City in hilarious prank

Callum Boyle

A cruel, but funny, prank

Liverpool fans were dealt the cruelest of jokes on the final day of the Premier League as they thought they had gone top of the league, only to realise they had been pranked.

Liverpool missed out on the title on the final day

Liverpool fans prank

The Reds were beaten to the title by Manchester City, who recovered from going two goals down to beat Villa 3-2 and secure a fourth title in five seasons.

Jurgen Klopp’s side were also winners on the day, but they had to better the result of Man City in order to bring the league back to Anfield.

With 10 minutes to go, Mohamed Salah had put the Reds in the lead, meaning that they had to hope and pray that Villa would respond and find a third goal.

And in true football fashion, one person was keen to wind everyone up and convince them that Villa had brought themselves back level. Cue ecstasy round Anfield.

The news was too good to be true

One by one people caught wind of the fake news and began to jump around in jubilation.

Even the commentators at Sky Sports seemed baffled by the pandemonium but the ecstasy soon turned to harsh reality as over 50,000 Reds fans realised that their dreams hadn’t become reality.

The noise slowly quietened and even a third goal from Andy Robertson was met with nothing more than a generic cheers as the hope of achieving a historic quadruple was ended.

It still isn’t clear as to who actually spread the rumour. Most likely, it was a section of the travelling Wolverhampton Wanderers fans that decided to play the joke, but we’ll never know.

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