Liverpool fans kid themselves when things are going well 1 year ago

Liverpool fans kid themselves when things are going well

Others might say it out of spite but Jamie Carragher says it out of love.

He's experienced it first hand. He experiences it every year.

Listen, what Jurgen Klopp has done at the club has been brilliant. The football they play is thrilling, the threat they pose is deadly but the same deficiencies are there that always have been.

  1. The goalkeeper
  2. The defence
  3. The squad depth

Klopp's only options from the bench seem to be limited to Origi and Moreno. One of those shouldn't even be in consideration.

But once again this season, their good start, their run of form, their cut-throat football had everyone dreaming. This could be the year. This team are title contenders.

They're not.

On Monday Night Football, club legend Jamie Carragher told it like it was.


"Sometimes, as a Liverpool fan, when it's going well, you kid yourself about certain things.

"Listen, I love James Milner, but he's not a left back. Lucas Leiva, I'm sure - I'll check social media but I'm sure he's getting plenty of stick from Liverpool fans.

"I actually felt so sorry for that lad and I was happy when he came off. I've got no blame to him there - he shouldn't be playing there. It's like putting me on the right wing and saying, 'why aren't you beating the full back?' I can't. There's no way I can possibly do it.

"There's no way Lucas can catch Vardy in a sprint if the team's pushed up to the half way line. There's nothing he can do. He was put in a position that completely exposed him and I felt sorry for him."

Asked if Liverpool's title aspirations had switched to a struggle for top four, Carra was less optimistic again.

"I'm more worried about Everton catching us at the moment."

Harsh. True.

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