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18th Nov 2015

Liverpool fans hoping for a big-money signings won’t love Jamie Carragher’s thoughts

Waiting until summer

Darragh Murphy

Football fans can be impatient creatures.

When a new coach comes into a job, supporters often pine for the club to open up their chequebook and sign some expensive superstars pronto.

But Jamie Carragher believes that new Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp should not be rushed into any panic-buys when he enters his first transfer window in January.


The Reds legend reckons that Klopp should take his time adding to the squad and that fans ought not expect any significant changes before the end of the season.

“Eventually, he will make big changes but I think in January it’s always difficult to make those kinds of changes,” Carragher told the Evening Standard.

“Now and again you see signings coming in January who make a big difference – Luis Suarez was huge for Liverpool. Daniel Agger came in January too and he did really well, but it’s not normally a time when you get the best players on offer.

Everton v Liverpool - Premier League

“I imagine the changes he [Klopp] will look to make and want to implement will come more in the summer.

“At present the team and the squad isn’t quite good enough to be where everyone wants Liverpool to be and that’s the whole point why you bring a new manager in.”