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21st Dec 2016

Liverpool fans have every right to be angry over their Christmas fixture list

But Chelsea look to have an advantage here

Sean McMahon

It definitely seems like some teams are at a disadvantage.

Many people argue over the pros and cons of the festive schedule in the Premier League. Some who want to see a winter break say that the quality of football in the second half of the season would be improved and that there would also be less fatigue, and therefore fewer injuries, to the league’s best players.

What cannot be denied, however, is that the Christmas fixtures in the Premier League hold a special place in the hearts of football fans.

Often, get togethers around this time revolve around these football matches as friends and family catch up with one another.

On the pitch, these fixtures can often either make or break teams’ hopes for the season. The short turnaround between matches means that a team’s character is often put to the test and the emergence of probable Premier League champions or relegation fodder is all too clear to see.

Here’s a brief overview of the upcoming fixtures:

Liverpool face Stoke City at Anfield on the 27th, before a crucial game against Manchester City on the 31st. That’s a four day turnaround.

Klopp’s men then have a two day turnaround as they come up against a relegation threatened Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.

Essentially, Liverpool have to play three games in seven days.

Liverpool’s main title rivals, Chelsea, are facing into a more forgiving fixture schedule. They face Bournemouth at home on St. Stephens Day, before a five day turnaround to face Stoke City at Stamford Bridge and then a four day turnaround before facing Tottenham.

In a title race which will likely go to the wire, this fixture schedule could prove crucial in terms of who lifts the Premier League trophy in May.

Looking at the schedule above, Liverpool fans may have good reason to be unhappy.

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