Liverpool fans' Champions League banner slaughtered on Twitter 2 months ago

Liverpool fans' Champions League banner slaughtered on Twitter

So, so many questions

Liverpool fans have descending on Paris in their thousands ahead of Saturday night's Champions League final against Real Madrid.


It is - obviously - a big deal, even for a club with such a storied European history. For some of the fans making the trip, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, hence why some have gone to the trouble of spending their hard-earned cash to make special banners to mark the occasion.

liverpool fans banner

'The longer you look at it, the worse it gets'


One banner in particular has, erm, really caught the eye in the hours approaching kick-off at the Stade de France.

Here. Look.


The Eiffel Tower is 'hip hop'. Has anyone ever laid eyes on the Eiffel Tower before and thought, 'hmm, yeah, that's pretty hip hop'?


Has Karim Benzema(?) ever been called 'Ben Zimmy' before? Is Zimmy supposed to rhyme with City?

So many questions. So, so many questions.

The banner has been widely shared (and mocked) on Twitter

The banner has been widely shared on Twitter in the hours before kick-off. Not everyone, we're sorry to say, has been very complimentary either.



You get the idea.

It's enough to wonder if this is just some ridiculous photoshop that people have wrongly assumed is genuine. Please tell us it is that. Please.

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