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13th Jul 2018

Liverpool fan branded “scum” and “a disgrace” live on air by former Chelsea defender

This got quite heated

Darragh Murphy

You’d be wrong to assume that every Englishman or Englishwoman was rooting for Gareth Southgate’s side on Wednesday night.

The fact that some football fans who are born in England would be hoping for an opposition win is a bizarre fact and one which is simply not comprehended by supporters from other countries.

Jason Cundy couldn’t wrap his head around this in a conversation with a Liverpool fan in the wake of England’s World Cup semi-final defeat to Croatia.

The Reds supporter, who identified himself as Dan, spoke to the former Chelsea and Spurs defender on talkSPORT and the conversation quickly became heated.

Dan said: “Yeah, I’m English but I was cheering for Croatia all the way. We [Liverpool] have got eighteen league titles and five European Cups.”

“I’m sick to death of the media and England fans hyping up the team as if they did something great,” he said.

“Stop praising them, stop acting like they’re great – because they’re not.”

Cundy, a former England U21 international, was baffled that someone would put their club before their country and asked what Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had actually achieved at Anfield.

“We’ve got five European cups! How many World Cup trophies have you got?” Dan asked.

The emotional supporter then said that he was “delighted England lost” before Cundy lost his patience with the phonecall.

He said: “Dan, do you know what? You’re a disgrace and you’re scum!”