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01st Feb 2017

Liverpool recorded checking whether fans are genuine Scousers

Local fans have been given priority for certain games.

Tom Victor

When it comes to Premier League football clubs showing they care about the local community, Liverpool are up there with the best.

While some Reds fans are concerned about tourists affecting the famous Anfield atmosphere, there’s no denying that the £9 ticket promotion for local fans ensures a number of those growing up near the ground remain able to watch the team they love.

A video has surfaced on Twitter appearing to show stewards speaking to fans to ask how much they paid for their ticket and to make absolutely sure they live in the surrounding area.

It’s one way of guaranteeing those granted cheap tickets aren’t tempted to sell them on at an inflated price, not that there has been any indication of this happening.

The £9 tickets apply to Category C games at Anfield, as per a new set of rules introduced for the 2016/17 season, with local supporters given priority for selected games. It is unclear which match the footage above comes from.

Liverpool have also rolled out free tickets for local children this season, again for selected games, and additional tickets for fans between the ages of 17 and 21.

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